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Dover’s Schwartz Center to Close its Doors Effective June 30, 2017

Written on:June 8, 2017
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Schwartz Center for the Arts
Dover, June 8, 2017:

After 17 years of operation, It is with great sadness I report that The Schwartz Center for the Arts will close its doors June 30, 2017. While ticket sales have increased significantly, overall revenue has not been enough to sustain the business. With looming cuts to art and education funding within the state and the overwhelming cost of over-head on the building we are forced to close the theater. The theater has done well this last year but has run out of money and time. The board of the theater has worked tirelessly this past year to find a way to keep the non-profit solvent and relevant.

We have contemplated everything from turning the center into a school during the week and sponsoring entertainment on the weekends to only being open once a quarter for large shows like the Lip Sync Battle or a community ballet. The money just isn’t there to sustain us through down times.

I believe this is a huge loss for the community as well as the state. It is my hope that someone or some entity finds it important enough to support the arts, culture and entertainment needs of the city and steps up to reopen the center.

The important life changing opportunities that come from the arts and cultural centers aren’t free but are certainly worth the investment. To be able to continue our endeavor it would have required substantial and ongoing support from the city, the county, the state as well as and especially the community.

For questions pertaining to the closing of the Schwartz please contact me at board@schwartzcenter.com or (302) 678-5152.

The building is owned by Wesley College and Delaware State University. It is operated by The Friends of the Capitol Theater, Inc., all are 501c3 non-profit entities.

Tracey Miller
Friends of the Capitol Theater, Inc.
DBA Schwartz Center for the Arts

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