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Short Attention Theatre at the Garfield Center

Written on:June 28, 2017
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June 28, 2017

You get settle into your seat at the Garfield Center for the Arts in Chestertown, and just about the time you are getting to enjoy the show, it’s over and another play starts. That’s the whole point of Short Attention Span Theatre. It’s a show of eight short 10 minute plays. The second of three weekend of shows is on Friday June 30 and Saturday July 1st at 8pm and Sunday July 2nd 2017 at 3pm. Last chance to see the show is Friday July 7th, Saturday June 8th at 8pm and Sunday July 9th at 3pm.

It’s the 13th year of Short Attention Span Theatre and Producers Diane Landskroener and Mark Sullivan invite you to see the show that have a broad range of actors, directors and authors – featuring original works by local playwrights!

The locally-written works selected for this year’s SAST production are:

• Singing in the Shower – written by Howard Mesick*, directed by Jim Landskroener
• The Philosophy of Dogs – written by George Smart, directed by Diane Landskroener
• How to Talk to a Girl Wearing Headphones – written by Adrienne Dawes, directed by Bryan Betley
• Spirits – Written by Steven J. Arnold, directed by Sarah Crump
• And That’s How I Met Your Mother – written & Directed by Mark Sullivan*
• Somewhere Tonight, The Washington Senators’ Last Game Plays On – written by Dwayne Yancy, directed by Keith Thompson
• Guru of the Alps – written by Keith Thompson*, directed by Hester Sachse
• The Maltese Walter – written by John Minigan, directed by Diane Landskroener

*Playwrights part of the Garfield’s Live Playwrights’ Society. For more info on LPS visit liveplaywrightssociety.org

Featured actors in this year’s play fest are:
Ian Ellison and Mark Wiening in Singing in the Shower;
Dan Guidice, Brad Chaires, Jim Landskroener and Diane Landskroener in The Philosophy of Dogs;
Georgia Rickloff, Kirby Powell and Bryan Betley in How to Talk to a Girl Wearing Headphones;
Paul Cambardella, Brad Chaires, Mark Wiening, Amanda Fry, Robert Note, John Schratwieser and Jennifer Kafka Smith in Spirits;
Mark Wiening, Jen Friedman, Dan Guidice, Robert Note and Tessa Schut in And That’s How I Met Your Mother;
Jim Landskroener and Paul Cambardella in Somewhere Tonight, The Washington Senators’ Last Game Plays On;
Kirby Powell, Zachary Ryan, Jennifer Kafka Smith and Dan Guidice in Guru of the Alps;
Jim Landskroener, Brad Chaires and Melissa McGlynn in The Maltese Walter.

Before the Friday and Saturday night SAST it’s Hey, Wait a Minute! even shorter plays of 1 minute in length in the Kohl Lobby at 7 p.m. It’s the 4th year for the one minute plays and all but one is written locally. The HWM cast features Audrey Betley Ian Ellison, Tia Glomb, Jane Jewell, Zachary Ryan, Severin Schut and Juanita Wieczorack.

• Behold the Valindoraptordon – written by Mark Sullivan
• Rosa’s Eulogy – written by Richard Strand
• When in Rome – written by Tia Glomb
• Some People Just Like to Look – written by Dwayne Yancy
• Blackbeard the Pirate, Superstar – written by Howard Mesick
• Ezopen – written by Howard Mesick

One Minute Play "When in Rome" by Tia Glomb with Severin Schut and Zachary Ryan - Photo: SG Atkinson

One Minute Play “When in Rome” by Tia Glomb with Severin Schut and Zachary Ryan – Photo: SG Atkinson

I saw the show on opening night. Yes, there were some opening night jitters and a few fumbles along the way. It wouldn’t be open night otherwise. Nor would it be Live Theatre. It was in the vernacular of theatre people, a tight show.

You won’t have time to get bored. Even if you may think one play drags on a little longer than it should, and in my opinion a couple of them could be shorten a bit, it’s on to the next one. None of the are serious. A couple are downright off the wall. Some my be funnier then others, but you will certainly find laughs in each.

Take a friend and just get away from the hassle of life (and maybe the 4th of July weekend) for a couple of hours to enjoy yourself.

With all of the actors, producers, directors, stage hands and in this case most of the authors being local to the area, it’s a great way to see local community theatre in action.

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