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New Delmarva Scenes Calendars are Published

Written on:October 3, 2017
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Steve Atkinson and ShoreTobeFun.com is pleased to announce the publication of three new Calendars of photographs for 2018. Two of these contain photographs of Kent County, Md and the other is of photographs from across the Delmarva Peninsula.

In each of the past four years Steve Atkinson has put together a calendar of photographs, “Kent County in Pictures”. This year he has not only produced a 2018 calendar of photographs he has shot from September 2016 to August 2017, the 5th Annual edition, but he also selected 16 photographs from the past 4 calendars for a 16 Month “Best of Kent County in Photographs (2013-2016)”. In general each of the photographs was taken in the same month as the calendar page. These photographs are from all ends of the county and give a good highlight of life in Maryland’s smallest county.

A few years ago Mr Atkinson began a project he calls “Delmarva Scenes”. The idea behind “Delmarva Scenes” is to transverse the Delmarva Peninsula and photograph the Usual, Unusual, Beautiful and not so pretty scenes of the peninsula. This is his Third Edition for his “Delmarva Scenes” calendars. The goal is also to have the photographs correspond to the calendar month and to include one from each of the counties that make up the peninsula. He will admit that not all counties are included in this edition, but does feel it incorporates a good feeling of life on the peninsula. The January photograph is of Ocean City at time time that many do not see, a snowy winter night.

The 2018 “Kent County in Pictures” and “Delmarva Scenes” Calendars are priced at $19.95 with the 16 Month “Best of Kent County in Pictures” being $24.95.

The Calendars are available online through Lulu.com:
Kent County in Pictures 2018 Calendar – SGAtkinson.com/CalendarKentPictures
Delmarva Scenes 2018 Calendar – SGAtkinson.com/CalendarDelmarvaScenes
Best of Kent County in Pictures (2013-2016) – SGAtkinson.com/CalendarKentBest

Steve Atkinson will also have a few copies available and is currently looking to also have them available in a few locations in Kent County. For more information he can be reached via email at sga@ShoreToBeFun.com

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