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Veterans Honored at “Stories in Service” at the Garfield Center

Written on:November 11, 2017
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Today, November 11th, is Veteran’s day, although it was celebrated yesterday. What better way to celebrate the Veterans than to have a concert for them and to have their stories told?

On the evening of November 10, 2017, The Garfield Center for the Arts and the Kent County News did just that they presented “Stories in Service” an evening of Stories and Songs Honoring the Local Veterans.

It was an evening of songs and stories honoring the local veterans. Performances by The Chester River Youth Choir and The Kent County High School Band. The program was dedicated to the memory of William Wesley Jackson.

Photo by SG Atkinson: Dan Divillio and Tess Hogans Welcome to Stories in Service

Dan Divillio and Tess Hogans

“Stories in Service” began as a project of Tess Hogans, Theatre Manager at the Garfield Center. She directing the Garfield’s production of “Mister Roberts” and as part of the production began interviewing veterans. She was assisted by photographer Jeff Weber and the Kent County News. During the production their was around 50 interview poster hanging in the Garfield’s Kohl Lobby. The interviews were also posted on the Chestertown Spy and the Kent County News.

But she didn’t feel like that was enough, and the idea for an event honoring veterans was born.

After a brief welcome from Tess Hogans and Kent County News Editor Dan Divillo, the night began with the bringing of the colors and the National Anthem sung by Kent County High School Student, Faith Bennett.

Photo by SG Atkinson: KCHS Student Faith Bennett singing the National Anthem at Stories in Service

This was followed by two songs by the Chester River Youth Choir.

The Kent County High School Concert Band, Chorus and Strings, and the Brass Ensemble played a number of patriots musical number and Hymns. The Chorus song a wonderful rendition of Mac Davis’ “I Believe in Music”

Near the end of the performance of the KCHS Band they played a piece of each of the military themes. Veterans in the audience was asked to stand during the playing of the branch song. Dr Wharton felt that this was important as part of teaching that the music they learned is much more that just notes on paper, but an important part of those in and who have served in the Military.

Photo by SG Atkinson: KCHS Chorus with God Bless America

At the conclusion of the performances as the High School Band was returning to their seats, Tess Hogans asked for the audience to rise and sing “America, the Beautiful”.

Following this was a Video Presentation with a picture of many of those that had been interviewed with audio clips of their interviews. A very fitting conclusion of a project that has been a year in the making.

A very much heartfelt Thanks to each and every Veteran. Your service is very much appreciated.

Photo by SG Atkinson: Chester River Youth Choir

Chester River Youth Choir

Photo by SG Atkinson: Kent County High School Concert Band

Kent County High School Concert Band

Photo by SG Atkinson: Kent County High School Brass Ensemble

Kent County High School Brass Ensemble

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