Delmarva Scenes – Photographs by SG Atkinson

Kent, MD Photo of the Week

One of the advantages of being the Publisher, Editor and Photographer of this publication is my opportunity to travel over much of the Delmarva Peninsula. As a photographer, I began the Photographic Project, Delmarva Scenes, in 2015. The project is simple, “Photographing the Usual, Unusual, Beautiful and No So Pretty scenes of the Delmarva Peninsula”. Unfortunately like this Web site, Delmarva Scenes is being rebuilt from scratch.

When I began this publication I thought about and for a time was posting a weekly Delmarva Scene photograph. I have decided that I will bring back this weekly feature. Especially now that I have decided to make my Kent County, Maryland “Local in Kent” publication as a part of the ChesaDel Crier. At “Local in Kent”, I was publishing a “Photo of the Week”.

This is the first of those Weekly photographs. Look for a new one every Sunday Morning.

Photography by SG Atkinson: On the Banks of the Chester
On the Banks of the Chester – Delmarva Scenes: Photographs by SG Atkinson

Recently I received a notice that there would be bridge work done on the Chester River Bridge in Chestertown. I wanted to post a photo of the bridge and couldn’t find one that I wanted to use. Since I live in Chestertown, I decided to go shoot one. While out I went to Wilmer Park and took this, and a few other, photos of the grasses along the river bank in the park.

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