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Due to an Internet Hosting issue and a decision to move to another Hosting Company, it was decided to rebuild the ChesaDel Crier Web site from scratch.

While The ChesaDel Crier is back to normal nearly every thing that was posted prior to January 8, 2018 has been lost. Most of the posts of the beginning week of 2018 have been restored.

A few of the Original Stories posted before January 1st 2018 back also are online.

I Thank You for your patience and now have a request. Does the mission of the ChesaDel Crier fit a need in your life? If so I could certainly use some monetary support. Many sites have a subscription to pay for just visiting their site. It is my intent to not do this.

However, we would appreciate it if you got a Support/Subscription. If you think this page is worth a subscription, please consider giving a Support/Subscription.

This is not a non-profit site and your support is not tax-deductible.


Anyone who subscribes at the $30 or $50 and gives their mailing address will receive a suitable for framing “Delmarva Scene” photograph by photographer SG Atkinson

Steve Atkinson
Publisher, Editor and Photographer

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