Local In Kent, MD

Effective February 1, 2018 Local in Kent, MD has merged with the ChesaDel Crier. (see below for details)

Calendar of Events – Local in Kent, MD

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release

Local in Kent Merges with ChesaDel Crier

In 2009 Local in Kent, MD was created to “connect the residents and visitors of Kent County, MD to the local community”. One of the reasons for its creation was to provide an On-line Calendar of Events and post information about upcoming activities in the County.

About that same time a Facebook page was created for Local in Kent. Since then it has become a very popular page. Information often was posted on the page that did not appear on the .com Web site.

In 2016 the ChesaDel Crier, an online publication for Art and Entertainment News between the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, came online. Since the two were sister publications, nearly every post that was Art and Entertainment based for Kent County, MD was posted on the ChesaDel Crier. Posting on LocalinKent.com began decreasing and those that postings were Recreation or Human Interest stories. LocalinKent.com may have had some ‘hard’ news posted, but it was never really considered to be a News online publication. Other online sites fulfilled that purpose better.

There had been thoughts to eliminate the LocalinKent.com Web site and have it only as a Facebook page as early as the beginning of 2017. Due to technical issues that occurred in January 2018, that decision was finally made. LocalinKent.com will be directed to a Page on the ChesaDel Crier that will feature an On-line Calendar of Events for Kent County, MD.

Many of the Entertainment and Human Interest stories that had been placed on LocalinKent.com will now be posted on ChesaDel Crier. Beginning in 2018 the new “catch phrase” for the ChesaDel Crier is “Art, Entertainment and Recreation News Between the Bays”.

The Kent, MD section of the ChesaDel Crier can be reached at ChesaDelCrier.com/KentMD. The Local in Kent MD, Facebook page will continue as it has for the past several years.

There was four Internet Web sites that was part of the ShoreToBeFun.com network of information sites. Along with Local in Kent and ChesaDel Crier there was the Delmarva Crier (DelmarvaCrier.com) and the Online Calendar for Caroline County, Caroline Crier (CarolineCrier.com). All of these sites, along with ShoreToBeFun.com are now a part of the ChesaDel Crier.